Thursday, August 28, 2014


Wow, what a crazy couple of days.  Yesterday I took the kids to see their new schools.  They start school in Giles County this coming Tuesday.  I really like their teachers, special ed teachers, IEP coordinators and all.  Everyone was super nice.  The girls seemed to like everyone and I am super excited that they are going to have a good year!
I worked on some cards the last couple of days.  I decided to make a few cards using the Triple Stamping Technique.
I really like this look and really like how they turned out.  I used two different Stamp sets, one from Stampin Up and the other from Verve.

Last night, Shawn found a dog he wanted that someone was giving away for free.   Today I contacted the person to see if the one of the dogs was still available and he was.  So....we now have a new Dog.  Saxon is now the newest member of the Tucker/Kottwitz family.

He is a chewer so that is the first habit we need to try to break!  But the good thing is HE and Sadie get a long great. 
Hopefully tonight will be a good first night home with him.  He will be sleeping in his crate for awhile until we know he isn't chewing anymore and until we know he is completely potty trained!
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