Saturday, December 17, 2016

Birthday Celebration

My birthday is Christmas Day!  As a child living at home with my parents and brother and sister we woikd celebrate Christmas in the morning. Then arounf 1 or 2 pm Christmas would stop and my birthday celebration would start.  Now that I have kids I realize how difficult that probably was on my mom and dad and siblings.   Now my husband always tries to give me my own day and we usually celebrate a day or early.  This year we celebrated a week in advance with friends.  It was a great day.  Friends, pizza, cake & doesn't get any better.


Me and my hubby Shawn.

Me & my awesome ice cream cake

Me and my friend Tonja

Hubby knows I want to get back to eating healthier. So he got me my ninja Blender! 

So excited to make some cards with my new stamps, a sweater with my new yarn and love my kitchen stuff. 

Yes...he got me a scale and I love it.  It is all fancy smancy. It has Bluetooth and can link to my app on my phone. Isn't that CRAZY?  I am one lucky girl.  

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