Monday, August 11, 2014

Fun Summer!

Wow what a crazy summer!  We have traveled, signed papers for our loan for the house, bought and bought a car.  Seriously!  CRAZY!

The kids got out of school late this year.  They didn't get out until June 21.  That day we went straight up to Pennsylvania to see our family.  We made and over night stop in Lewisberry (just outside of Harrisburg) to see friends.  We always have such a great time visiting the Stambaugh's.  The kids love playing with Anna who is close to their age.  They get to play and I get to visit with Bridget and Kurt! It really is the most relaxing time!   we then headed to Coudersport to see our family.  Got to see mom & Dad, my sister, my bother and Shawn's family!  We spent 2 weeks up in Coudy.  It was only suppose to be one week, then about 4 days after we got there Shawn surprised us by coming up for a few days!  After he left, we stayed another week!  Fun family times.
 Aunt Amber with her nieces, Madison & Carli.  
 My beauties, Madison & Carli
 My Brother, Uncle Dickie and Carli

Mimom and her granddaughter

Me, My Sister (Aunt Amber) and Carli 

After getting back the kids and I spend a couple weeks relaxing, going to the pool with our friends,  and going to $1 movies once a week.  Then on July 30th my hubby and I did something we weren't sure we would ever be doing again. We signed papers for our construction loan to get our 4 bedroom manufactured home out at our land!   We were told it would take 60 days after signing to be out we shall see.  With the move to our new house/land the kids will be switching schools.  They will now be going to Giles County.  they are super excited that they now don't start school until the Monday after Labor Day.  If they were still going to be going to Montgomery they would have started tomorrow!  Yep...they are super super happy!  Too funny!  

The kids and I then headed back to Couderport for another visit!  Again stopping in Harrisburg on the way up and back!  Again it was another fun visit with Mimon and Poppy (my mom and dad) and everyone else!

Then this past weekend we broke down and bought my new Vehicle.  Had to get it. Our new house is on the side of a hill and there is no way I will be getting  up the driveway without the AWD, at least until we get the driveway re-directed.  So here is my new Ride!    My new Kia Sportage and I LOVE IT! I didn't want a red one to begin with!  I now right..!  But...that is what they came out with when I told them what I was looking for.  Now, understand I test drove EVERYTHING!  Every SUV I could find. My hubby said he wanted me to be happy.  The Kia Sportage was my #2. My first choice was a bit out of our price range!   However...I DO love this Sportage!

I haven't been scrapbooking or knitting to much lately.  I have an order for some handmade cards so I will be working on those this week. who knows maybe, just maybe I will have a few to share over the next week. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!
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