Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fun card making!

Fun, fun week.  I am so excited that I had a friend of mine order 60 handmade cards from me.  She had ordered 25 or so last year.  I hadn't heard from her again this year about cards so wasn't sure she would want more.   But last week I heard from her and she ordered 60 this time.  She is with the PTA and they give them to teachers and staff for their birthday.  I asked her if they liked them last year and she said they loved them.  That made me feel pretty good!
This is one of the cards I made.  Pulled out  stamp set Embrace Life from CTMH. I just did random stamping with the different butterflies, in purple, green and Brown!   I am glad I am staring to do some more paper crafting. I got out of doing it for a while and really enjoyed working on them.  Madison, my little one enjoyed working with me too.  Here she is putting cards with envelopes.
She was very focused on making sure each card had the right color envelope (either cream or white).  She was a super big help.  It is fun having her help me and show interested in a few things I like to do!  

Lastly just a picture to share some veggies my hubby grew in his garden.
He grew the zuchini and the squash.  Our neighbor out in Giles county gave us the tomatoes.   We had a few zucchini and squash that were actually bigger that we ate last week!  Pretty awesome for our first time in the garden.  Can't wait until we are living out at our land by the end of October.  I so want to try canning next!

Well thanks so much for stopping by and hope you are all having a great week!

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