Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Hello friends. I cannot believe it has been a couple weeks since posting.  It has been busy here with working and the start of school.  Thought I didn't get them posted the day of school I will now.

I am a picture taker. My kids know that I always have my camera.  This year Madison is in 4th grade and Carli is in 8th.  I stopped going to Carli's school for pictures when she got in 6th grade.  I am lucky I can get pictures of her at home.

Now Madison is a different story. when I asked her if I could come with her on her first day of school she said, "yes".  I was super excited.
 Madison on her first day...just getting out of the car.
 Outside her fourth grade classroom!
Madison with her new Teacher Ms. Ford. 

I was able to get a picture of them together after school.  I couldn't do it in the morning because I leave the house at 7 am to take Carli to school and Madison is still in bed because she doesn't have to leave for school until 8:30 so I take Carli to school while my hubby is getting ready for work. 
And here is my big 8th grader!  I was lucky I got this picture!  She is 14, soon to be 15 and just my presence annoys her let alone my talking or making her get her picture taken.

Soon I hope to be back with some cards or scrapbooking!
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