Sunday, March 9, 2014

Mom's Socks

It's been a fun filled weekend. The weather was beautiful this weekend. I think it was in the 60's.  We spent all day Saturday out at the land.  Had our first bonfire, cookout, and S'more fest!  It was fun!  Of course...the S'mores were the best!

On to crafting....I did get some a few of my project life pages done.   I seem to be better keeping up using the project life.    I am still behind, but just ordered pictures to catch me up through this week!  So hopefully I will be getting caught up!

And finally,  my finished socks for February 2014. My goal is to knit 12 pairs, one pair a month for 2014.  So far I am keeping up. I got January and February done and now I am onto March.  But these are my February socks. I made them for my mom since I really hadn't knit her anything yet.
I was very excited to here that they fit her.  she called me the day she got them and sounded very happy so I think she liked them.  Well, I hope she did anyway!  

That is pretty much for me this week.  The only other thing is I am starting again with my weight loss. I have ordered 21 day fix and am hoping that gets me back on track.  I have stopped drinking soda.  Today is day 5 with no soda.  For me, that is a really feat!  I am just waiting for my challenge package to get here then I can get started with my weight loss again. I have done good eating wise as well this week but the exercise I am sure will help!  

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