Sunday, March 24, 2013

This weekend

Yesterday was a very busy, busy day!   Unfortunately my husband's SUV decided have major problems.  I knew when he couldn't fix it we were in trouble.  He can fix almost anything.  When his truck before that died he had the whole engine torn apart in our driveway and rebuilt and running again.  So when he said he couldn't fix this...yep I knew we were in trouble.  So off to the shop it went and the estimate to fix was well over the amount of money the vehicle was even worth. So...this is what we ended up with.

 One good thing is it will definitely be very well used over then next few years as we get our land cleared and ready for us to move to out in the middle of no where.

 After getting the truck we went out to our land and this is what we found.  This whole area was covered with cedar trees not even 2 days ago. This is the acre that we had cleared and the future site of our temporary trailer will go while we save money and decide what to do for a more permanent house.

This picture below is what the cleared land looked like before the land was cleared.  ALL trees.  

so that was our busy day.  I am excited that we are another step close to living out at our land.  now to get our septic, electric, and our temporary trailer.  Right now we are paying rent and mortgage (paying off the land).  So it will be awesome not to have the two payments...and be living out on the land where it is peaceful and quite.

Then, this morning we woke up to this....

Yep...snow on March 24!  Welcome SPRING!  More than likely this means a school delay or cancellation tomorrow.  We shall see!
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Friday, March 15, 2013

Project Life

I have had some motivation.  With doing project life I am making an effort to take more photos of everyday life, which I guess is the whole purpose of project life.  I do like the general idea of it as I tend to forget to scrapbook some of the everyday things and have missed those opportunities in the past.  With doing project life I am finding myself taking pictures of different objects and different things.  I am normally the type that like to see people in my pictures but I am not breaking out of my comfort zone and photographing other things.  

This is my week 9 of project life.  I have enjoyed this way of scrapbooking the past couple of weeks.
This is the total two page layout.  I used Project Life Design A page protectors.  Those and Design D I think are the one's that I will be using the most.  
I used the right side of the left page for the pictures and documenting our trip out to our land this week.  Shawn had to move his game cameras and we walked to the top of the hill to see where he wants to clear it for a house.  
Pictures out at the land. Yeppers I made the kiddos get a picture with me.  I took them so they are a little close up.  The girls were not thrilled but...OH well! 
 My Kindle Fire I love, love, love.  I have to confess something too.  I love Fifty Shades of Grey.  Yep. I sure do.  I will admit it definitely was an "education" the first time I read it.  But it is what it is. Millions of people have read it and I am not ashamed of it. I have read it not once, not twice but many times.   I tend to read books, then read others, then go back and read them again.  Right now I have over 200 books or more on my kindle fire so I read them over and over.  

Another hobby of mine after reading is....PAPER CRAFTING.  But who is surprised at that statement?  No one.  I enjoy scrapooking and making cards.  Once a month a fellow crafter and friend of mine Caitlin get together for "card club" and make cards.  It gives us a chance to chat and get some cards made.  So this this happened to be the week we got together. 
 My small yet growing yarn stash.  I have recently learned to knit.  I rather enjoy it.  It is relaxing and so far the scarves I have made and dish clothes have turned out so I can't complain.  But I do go in spurts.  I will knit every night for a week or two then maybe not for a month. So I took this pictures to get motivated into getting some knitting done.  I have started a project so I think it worked. 
Our lifestyle change basically is our family trying to eat better and get more exercise in.  I weight watchers is helping me with that and really has helped.  My hubby started the P90X workout and I do some of the exercising with him if it is something I can physically do.  We have both seen a difference and both feel better.  So even if we don't lose a lot of weight at least we are feeling better. 

Well have a great day everyone and a safe weekend for anyone going out there to celebrate St. Patty's day this weekend. 
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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Project Life

What a long day!  A good day but long day!  I was sick all last night.  Started at about 1:00 a.m. and was sick all through the night.  Finally about 7:30 a.m. I was able to get about an hour sleep...that is thanks to my hubby for going to the store and getting me some over the counter medicine.    My stomach still isn't feeling great but no more vomiting or other stuff.

Even with lack of sleep there were things to do.  I had to go weigh in at weight watchers. So glad I did!  Today I hit my 10% weight loss.  Super excited!  I then went to the parent teacher conference for Madison at her school.  Super fun. We had to go to all her specialty classes as well, Art, Library, Music, P.E. and Guidance.

I also decided to take a few pictures of my Project Life.   As I told you in a previous post I decided to start project life in 2013.  I haven't yet bought a kit from Becky Higgins or any other site.  I am kind making up my own project life as I go.  I want to see if it is something I will keep up with and if I find it useful.  I am a traditional scrapbooker but found that I wasn't keeping up. So I hope that deciding to do project life that I will be more inspired to take more pictures and journal more.  

So below is my first week I worked on. I am going to back to the beginning of the year to catch up, but this is the first week I completed.  It is technically week 8. 

A little bit of everything this week. As you can see I had to take a picture of my dog and cat.  they are spoiled rotten but I love them!  I figured I better get an updated picture of them since it had been so long! 
 One of the things I love to do is read and thanks to my hubby this past christmas, I do that by reading on my kindle fire.  So while I am sitting at the school waiting for the girls or waiting for a doctors appointment or whatever it is...I always have my Kindle Fire with me. 

 This week was also the anniversary of my cancer diagnosis and remission.  I was diagnosed on Feb 21, 1990, so I was diagnosed 23 years ago...and have been in remission for 22! Other than being a mom to the 2 greatest is the best accomplishment of my life! 
We took a hike out to the land.  Madison had a girl scout outing and went to the World Thinking Day.  And I got my judgement in the mail regarding my ex and was super duper happy! Finally after a decade we are on the down hill slide of getting things settled.  

As you can see I didn't use any kit. I have so much pattern paper and card stock that I wanted to use it for a few weeks and see if it would work that way.  Who knows I still may buy a kit or two and mix it all up. We shall see.  

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a good one! 
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Thursday, March 7, 2013

woo hoo!

I am super excited today!  Today marks week 4 of straight weight loss at weight watchers. Yeah!  I am now only 3.5 lbs away from my first weight loss goal which is 10%.  Yippie!  It has taken me a while!  I started weight watchers a year ago tomorrow.  And the first three months I lost 17.4 lbs.  Yep....just .6 lbs from my goal.  Then I stop paying attention and stopped tracking and started drinking soda again. Needless to say...I went back up 8 lbs.  So now I am back on my way down.   I have been trying to get a bit more exercise in and I am not drinking soda on a daily basis.  So hopefully will reach my goal in just a couple weeks.  So we shall see what this coming week brings!
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Friday, March 1, 2013


 Hi! Hope you are all ready for the weekend. We are ready for a fun filled weekend.  I have a card party, hubby is going to the land and kids well, they get to hang out this weekend.  One weekend where we don't have to do to much running..

My card today is made for this weeks sketch over at Freshly Made Sketches.  I love their sketches. So much fun!  I also used the color combo from Color Throwdown...the colors were So saffron, melon mambo, limeade and crumb cake.

Thanks for stopping by.
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