Sunday, May 26, 2013

Crop Weekend

Hope you are all having a great weekend. First a I want to send out a big THANK YOU to my Brother Rich and my Dad for going and mowing the in Port!  You two are the best!  I love you and again thank you!

Okay...on to our crafting weekend.  I am part of a group that calls themselves the Queen Bee Croppers of NRV (New River Valley) in Christiansburg Va.  This weekend one of the members Vivi organized an all weekend Crop.  There were only 5 of us total that went but it was so much fun.  With it being in a small room and only 5 of us we got to converse with each other pretty easily and really got to know each other. It really was a lot of fun.   I have missed quite a few that they have had over the last 9 months because I was either in Pa on the weekends they had them or my hubby had to work overtime on the weekends they were planned.

This weekend my hubby didn't have to work and even though it is Memorial weekend he was totally okay with me going.  I didn't stay over night like a few of the others but I was there all day.  I got lots of scrapbooking done and will share those layouts once I get some pictures.

But I do have a few pictures to share....
 Our small room for crafting goodness.  With just the 5 of us...this is all we really needed.
 This is four of the 5 of us.  I kept thinking we needed to take a group picture but never got my camera out.  I know...crazy right? I mean...I always have my camera out and ready to "snap" at any time.  But...I didn't and well I got four of us....Allison, Kristy, Vivi and myself.  Carol was there Friday and Saturday and well I just didn't get the picture until today.
Is it sad that this is what my craft space usually looks like when I am working?  Want to play I Spy?  Lord only knows what you will see. HEHEHE.  I have to say that sadly I am totally fine with my work space looking like this. I have tried to be less messy and well it just doesn't work. I am a slob...when I am working.

Well I hope you all had a great weekend!
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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's out there...and especially to my Mom, Barb.  She is absolutely the best mom.  She has been there for me through, my illness, surgeries,  marriages, divorce, all the good times and bad.    She gives 100% of herself...and well is just awesome!
(L-R) My mom, Madison, my sister Amber, Carli, my dad...and me in the front. 

My kiddos and hubby gave me an awesome Mother's Day.  It has been a rough few weeks with issues at school for my older daughter...but this weekend has been awesome.  We just spent time together and had a relaxing weekend.  I am thankful for the support of my hubby during this emotional time. I am also thankful for my two awesome kids. The kids couldn't wait so I actually got my Mother's Day gifts on Thursday.  What did I get you ask....well here it is...
I got drink coasters from Madison.  She ordered them from an online Art website where her teacher uploads her artwork from school and you and have stuff made with your child's art work.  She decided I needed coasters since I always have a napkin under my water glass on my computer table.  Carli picked me out those awesome sandals.  She knows once the weather gets warm enough I don't like wearing sneakers.  My hubby got me  a gift certificate to a reflexologist.  Basically they work on the pressure points on your feet and rub and massage your feet.  We were at the mall a few weeks ago and I glanced over and checked out their prices and told shawn that some day I was coming back to get my feet rubbed on.  Well....yeah now I can!  Last but not least...each of the girls got me a CD.  and for those of you that don't know..I love Bon Jovi and Toby Keith.  My kids think I am nuts as whenever I hear them on the radio or whatever I sing really loud and well as they say am embarrassing.  Now...I can be even more embarrassing!  Yeah, me.  But really, the best gift of all is an awesome hubby, awesome kids, and awesome mom and dad, awesome brother and sister and great friends!  

Hope everyone has a great Mother's Day! 
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