Saturday, October 4, 2014


I am sure that I have mentioned in past posts about our land.  That we are wanting to move to our 20 acres that we bought a couple years ago.  We are in the process of getting the house out there.  It is such a slow process!  Urg!  signed papers end of July.  Well they got the well in and now have the concrete footers in...Yeah.
I am super excited to be out here!  They claim the house is being moved up at the beginning of this coming week. But, oh, wait they told us that last week.  And before that a few times!  We shall see!  But at least the footers are in!

This will be the view from our front porch or living room or the front of the house.
Just looking over the little pond. It is fun watching the deer walk around there and all the other littel critters.  Not thrilled about the bears but we shall see what happens!

Because we are moving out here we have already enrolled the kids in the Giles County schools.  They are loving it. I am not liking to have to drive the kids back and forth every day...the 130 miles per day is getting old real fast!  But soon like I said we will be out and all will be well.

I haven't done much paper crafting.  With soon moving, I don't want to get stuff out and all over.  I have to start getting stuff packed  up and my paper crafting stuff is something I can pack ahead of time.
I have however done some knitting. I finished a pair of socks back in September that I haven't shared yet.  My friend has asked me to make her, her husband and her son some knitted socks.  So that is what I am working on.  Her are hers....
I really like how they turned out!  Think they are going to fit her perfectly. Now...I am not sure about the socks for her husband...but we shall see!

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