Saturday, August 16, 2014

Fun Filled Day!

This week has been pretty relaxing.  I have been spending time with the kids since they did not have to start school this week.  Of course they would rather play on their electronics but...when mama says to do...they have to do.  You know...that QT time they never want to have!

We have also been hatching some guinea-keets and chickens. our house.  Right now they are so small they have to be kept under some light to keep them warm. Sadie, our dog loves them.  Well what I think she wants to do eat them...but we won't let her.  But let me tell you...they tweet all day...and all day all she wants to do is bark at them.  She gets so excited...running around the house, barking.  She literally shakes she is so excited!

Yes....this is Sadie right before she tried to chomp down on this cute little chick.  Thankfully my hubby knew what she wanted and kept he chick far enough away from Sadie. She could see the chick but couldn't reach her!

I also have been knitting and card making this week.  A friend of mine who is on the PTA at school ordered 50 or so birthday cards from me.  The PTA gives cards to each teacher on their birthday.  Last year she got some cards from me as well, but never really said if they liked them or what.  Well, they must have because this week she asked for them again and this time wanted double what they ordered before!  Yeah!  I am just glad they like them.   So below you can see my work space this week.  I am not a neat crafter that is for sure.  Though I never, ever claimed to be!

In the next few weeks I will have some pictures to share of the cards I have created!

I didn't get much done one them today.  Today, I went to a craft group up at my friend Kristin's in Roanoke and hung out with some craft friends.  All of them were paper crafting however...I was not.  I am not the best pre-planner when it comes to that kind of stuff so instead I went for a few hours and took my knitting!  I took the kids with me and we went over for a while.  I got my friends socks started and like I said got to hang out with some great ladies.  It really was a great day!

To top it off...when we got home...hubby was home and took us to dinner.  We voted on the Pizza Inn and had a nice family dinner!  Super great day!

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