Sunday, April 28, 2013

Project Life ~catch up

Hello!  I know I know finally posting. I have been working on my project life and have a few weeks to share.
 This is the week of December 10-16th, 2012. I traveled to Florida by myself for our office party and to visit my friend Heather.  It was a great 5 day visit! 

 This week is the week before Christmas Dec 17-23, 2012. Always a fun time.  Christmas Shopping, present wrapping and my birthday celebration.  WE always celebrate my birthday a few days before Christmas.  
Lastly, March 4thru10th week.  A busy week in the Kottwitz/Tucker house.  Art shows, birthday party, sick kids, and just working on some knitting while the kids are lounging around. 

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.
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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tragic Day...

Today I have been working and watching the news most of the day. Mainly because everything I am watching gets interrupted by updating news of the bombing in Boston.  Still so hard believe that something like this could happen.  Obviously even with all the security nothing is 100% full proof.  

I was amazed at all the good hearted samaritans that rushed back to site of the the explosion to help those in need. It just shows you that there is good in this world among the evil.  That good will outshine the evil that this coward(s) set upon the Boston area.  I just hope they find the responsible party and they are made to suffer the same as the innocent did yesterday.  

Okay...that was my two cents for how I am feeling.  I hope everyone is safe and enjoying their families.

Today, my thoughts and prayers are also with all the Virginia Tech families the are thinking of their loved ones and who lost loved one's on this tragic day 6 years ago.  We did not live here in hokie land when the massacre happened. but I still remember watching the news and hearing about it.  I still can't wrap my brain around those events either.  We now live here in Christiansburg less than 8 miles from Virginia Tech.  I am amazed at the strength and determination of the people at Virginia Tech.  IT was the worst tragedy they probably have ever endured, but yet they are strong and proud and moving forward from this senseless act.  
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Friday, April 12, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 5th Anniversary to my wonderful husband Shawn. 
I love you! 

On a much sadder note...there was a shooting at a local community college here in Christiansburg today.   I just can't wrap my brain around why someone would want to do do that.  I felt the same when I heard about VT so many years ago and of course the Newtown shootings.  I just can't fathom someone so miserable so out of touch with reality that they would want to hurt innocent people.  My thoughts and prayers are with the people who were affected by today's events.  I am going to hug & kiss my kids and hubby tonight, thankful we are all home safe. 

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Checking In

Hello.  Just hopping on the blog today to "check in" and say HI!

. I just haven't had to mojo to create.  I haven't been up to a lot so I haven't felt like blogging and I haven't even felt like blogging. So....since we had 80 degree weather here is Southwestern Virginia I decided to open the windows, turn the fans on and clean of my crafting table/area.  I cleaned off the table, vacuumed and just organized some of my stuff.  It looks better and I do feel a bit better so maybe that will give me some motivation to get some cards or project life or some scrapbooking done.  We shall see.

I am so happy that we have some nice weather. It is so much better than a week ago when we got snow snow and more snow. Seriously!  April 4th snow!  Jeesh.  But I love that warm weather is here and I can get back to wearing my sandals!  I love my sandals.  I really really hate wearing socks and close toed for my feet...this is their favorite time of year....hehehe

Well hope you are all having a good week and hopefully I will be back with crafty to share soon!
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