Saturday, August 31, 2013

First Game

Today was Madison's first soccer game.  She decided this year she wanted to play...and now that I am not working outside the house and have a little more flexibility in my schedule we decided to let her play.

Let's start by saying I never played soccer.  I was a basketball and volleyball player until the diagnosis of my cancer took me out of the game.  So I sit on the sideline and cheer and am learning right along with her.  She is on the same team as her two best friends.  They all did such a great job today at their first game of the season. but not only is this her first game of the season it was her first game EVER!

And not only was there a game at 9:00 a.m.   they then had a scrimmage at 12:00 pm.  I wasn't going to have her go to the scrimmage...I thought it might be too much. But she insisted she wanted to go back. They all did a great job. the end of the scrimmage they were DONE!  Madison took a huge tumble and that upset her, then the coach was going to put her in for the last few minutes of the scrimmage, but she was crying and hold her stomach.  It was 91 degrees I think the heat got to her. In fact I think it was getting to all of them.

Anyway...needless to say we are now in soccer.  Practices 2 nights a week. A game  on Saturday!  It is going to be a busy few months!

Here  are some pictures of the players doing their thing!

They were lucky though that they got the game and scrimmage it.  Not long after it started storming. It was raining really hard too.  Over where my husband was it was even hailing!  This summer has been super wet here in our area! I just hope the winter doesn't bring as much snow as we have had rain. 

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Thursday, August 29, 2013


This past week has been super busy with working, soccer practice, school meet the teacher night and all.  Tomorrow another weekend comes and I haven't even shared last weekends photos.

We spent all weekend out at our land last weekend....Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  We headed over at 2:30 or so....and were there until 10:30 or so. We just absolutely love it. It is so peaceful and quiet out there.  The girls shoot their bows, as does Shawn and I sit on the porch watching while knitting.  It just doesn't get better.
 My sweetie and me.  The girls got their hands on the camera to take a few pictures.
 My loves.   Yeppers...I was a little camera happy this past weekend.
 Of course I had to get a picture of Sadie.  She LOVES being out at the land.  She starts barking as soon as we turn on the dirt road...which is a mile and a half to our driveway!
Sisterly love!  It does happen! 
One of all of us.  I wanted at least one together!  We don't do many family photos so sometimes I just take out my tri-pod and tell them they don't have a choice! 

As I said when we go out to the land it is super relaxing and most of the time I sit on the porch and knit!  This past weekend I did a lot of knitting and got my latest project finished.  I still totally enjoy card making and scrapbooking....but with knitting I can take it with me to the land. is my finished project that I got done tonight! 

 I so love it!  And it is a super easy pattern!  I love the design around the top!  Love out it fits across the front.  And this is my FAVORITE color!
I even wore this tonight to my daughters, Meet the Teacher!  OF course I probably shouldn't have as it is a little on the heavy side and it was HOT!  But...I still couldn't resist!
And last but not least...Madison at her Meet the teacher night!  She was super excited!  We got to meet her teacher, see where her classroom is and she got to see a few of her friends that are going to be in her class and the classroom next door that works with her class sometimes.

Carli's School orientation was last night...but she would not let me take pictures. I figured I wouldn't push my luck. I got lots of pictures at the land last night so I wouldn't force the issue at orientation.  Of course I will have to get "First day of School" pictures that are not optional!  But that won't happen until Wednesday.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Triple Time Stamping

I have seen this technique quite a bit on some other blogs.  I finally decided to try it myself. I actually got the tutorial from Dawn's Blog HERE. I had a lot of fun doing these cards.  It was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  Of course with the help of the tutorial for the sizes it went pretty quickly!  I used the fun set from Stampin' up...Lacy&Lovely.
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Sunday, August 4, 2013


...some photos.  Hello cyber-friends.  I thought I would share some photos I took while out at our land.  We love to go out to our land to enjoy the peace and quite.  IT is so relaxing sitting out there by the bonfire while the kids shoot their bows and just relax.

I decided to get out my DSLR and put it to good use.  So we walked around and took some pictures.  

 This spider is one of THOUSANDS that are around.  I can handle a lot...but spiders are NOT one of them.

 I love the color in this wood.  THis is what Shawn chopped up for some firewood.  But aren't the colors pretty?  I think so.
This is what I work on while out at the land.   I physically can't do a lot to help Shawn.  So while he is hammering, sawing, crawling around on the roof and the girls are shooting their bows or playing on their Ipod...I am knitting!  Yep. I just sit on the porch my hubby built for me on the shed and watch him work, watch the kids, with my feet up and knitting.  Life couldn't get much better.
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