Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Homemade Bows

My husband and I have bought land here in Virginia in Giles County.  The land from where we live now is about a 35 minute drive.  We bought 20 acres and will be only the third resident on the dirt road.  We love it out there. It is peaceful and quite.  you can sit outside and not hear anything but the birds, tree frogs and crickets!  

Hopefully in the near future we will be living out on our land.  We are in the process of getting the septic in...then it is the well and getting a trailer of some type out there.  Though now, we do have a 20x10 shed out there so my husband can store tools and other things we need out there.  This weekend he built a porch on the front of it so we have a place to sit, up off the ground if we want. 

Of course the girls have another theory.  Most of the time they think it is "boring" and God forbid their Ipods should die.  Shawn was telling them how when he was little he would make his own toys which got them asking what kind.  One he said was a bow.  So off into the woods Madison and Shawn went.  About two minutes later Carli changed her mind and wanted to go.  So I yelled for him and walked her out the him.  

They came back with he sticks they needed.  Then shawn got out some string and they had their bows.  Seriously...I wasn't sure it would keep their attention.  Boy was I WRONG!  

 They stood on the edge of the small porch shooting their "arrows".  Some just fell right in front of them others flew quite a ways.
 Here they are just learning to hold the bow and to actually use the bow and arrows together.

Seriously I wasn't sure how long it would last.  But they did it for well over an hour...and then they didn't want to stop. But we had to make them because it was getting dark.  Then they both asked if they could bring the "bows" home...so they really must have liked them.

The entire time they were practicing, not once did we hear about their Ipods or how bored they were.  I even said to my oldest who of course is a teenager and to her nothing mom and dad does is fun, "Did you have fun?".  She just looked at me, and I said "well, was it fun?" and begrudgingly she said, "Yes, it was"...with a smirk on her face like she was annoyed that she had fun doing it.  Good Lord, you gotta love teenagers.   Madison of course loved doing it, but she was a willing participant from the start.  I guess it just goes to show sometimes you have to make the kids do something they start off thinking they don't want to because in the end they will like it!

The girls are already asking when we can go out and do it again.  Sadly, with work and such sometimes it is hard to get out during the week.  But he promised next weekend.  Also, since they liked it so much we may get them their own real bow and arrows and target so that they can practice and have ones to really shoot with.
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