Sunday, August 4, 2013


...some photos.  Hello cyber-friends.  I thought I would share some photos I took while out at our land.  We love to go out to our land to enjoy the peace and quite.  IT is so relaxing sitting out there by the bonfire while the kids shoot their bows and just relax.

I decided to get out my DSLR and put it to good use.  So we walked around and took some pictures.  

 This spider is one of THOUSANDS that are around.  I can handle a lot...but spiders are NOT one of them.

 I love the color in this wood.  THis is what Shawn chopped up for some firewood.  But aren't the colors pretty?  I think so.
This is what I work on while out at the land.   I physically can't do a lot to help Shawn.  So while he is hammering, sawing, crawling around on the roof and the girls are shooting their bows or playing on their Ipod...I am knitting!  Yep. I just sit on the porch my hubby built for me on the shed and watch him work, watch the kids, with my feet up and knitting.  Life couldn't get much better.
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Kelly Massman said...

pretty photos; that wood looks like sassafras (steve, my hubby) would probably love turning it into a bowl... too late now though :-)

nitestamper said...

Love them!!!! awesome job!!!


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