Sunday, July 28, 2013

Moving...and Goodbye

My friend Cailin is almost finished with graduate school.  She has accepted a job in Maryland and will be moving to Gettysburg, Pa next week.  

She is the first person here in Virginia that I met when looking for friends to craft with. She introduced me to the Queen Bee Croppers crafting group that I am now a part of and like to scrapbook with.  On July 20th we had a goodbye crop for her with a few of our members.  We each created a 8x8 layout for her and gave her the album with the pages in it as a going away present. 

 Queen Bee Croppers group that all got together on Saturday (July 20th).
Me and Caitlin at the crop.

Caitlin is a very crafty girl!  She does some awesome craftiness.  Another craft of hers is knitting.  And she is a member of a knitting group that meets up Wednesday's at a local coffee shop and sometimes on Saturday at a local yarn store. Thanks to Caitlin and another friend of mine I learned how to knit and now knit with her and the rest of the group on Wednesday's.  Anyway...this past Wednesday our knitting group met as usual and had a little "going away" party for Caitlin.  
We had a good time.  Knitting, eating goodies and just having fun!  We all printed our favorite knitting patterns and put them in a binder along with gift cards for her.  We got them from all different places and hopefully they will come in use at her knew house.

Caitlin, thanks for all you have taught me in crafting in the last year and a half and for being such a great friend.  Good luck in your new adventure!  You will be missed here!
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Teresa Kline said...

wishing your friend well, I know it is bittersweet to see her go! Have a wonderful week.

hugs *~*

craftycaitlin said...

Thanks for such a sweet post, Kristin! I will miss you all!


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