Sunday, December 22, 2013

Birthday celebration

My family decided today was a good day for my birthday celebration.  My birthday is Christmas day but Christmas is just a bit to hectic with the kids to celebrate my birthday on Christmas.  And yes...I may be turning 39 this birthday but I still love birthdays.  Being diagnosed at 15 with cancer...and not knowing if another birthday will come, I am all about birthdays.  The more the better.  So bring them on!  

 The kids and me before having cake and opening presents!
 The cake my hubby made me.  He is so awesome.  Not is it just a cake, it is a two layer all chocolate cake!  Just the way I like it.  The more chocolate the better!  And it couldn't have gotten better!

My gifts.  My hubby and kids are great gift buyers!  My hubby got me my knitting needles and needle case I wanted along with some more sock yarn.  I am a bit addicted to making socks.  I also got a snow globe from my daughter carli which has a picture of her and madison in it.  Then from Madison the new Ellen dancing CD.   I did have to tell Madison now that I have this CD I will be dancing around the house more than I already do!  She did not find it funny!

IT was a great afternoon.  Just spending time with the family!  Hope everyone is having a great winter break and everyone has a very Merry Christmas!
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Crystal Thomas said...

Happy Belated Birthday! I am like you I love to celebrate my birthday


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