Friday, January 3, 2014

Last of my 2013 socks

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a great New Years!  The girls and I traveled to Coudersport PA to surprise my mom and dad for their anniversary.  we were suppose to go to FL but our plans fell through and when they did my sweet hubby suggested we go and visit mom and dad.  It was a good time.  However after leaving I realized that it was the first time in many visits that I did not take any photos.  Oh, well that is okay.  We did have a great time though. 

Mom and dad were surprised and I think pretty happy we showed up unannounced.  It was a long drive that day (the day after Christmas) but we got there with no problems by dinner!  It was nice spending some quality time with mom and dad and my brother.  

I took knitting with me but I didn't get much done. I was hoping to get my socks done before New Years Day, but I didn't.  I got them all done but the heel.  But like I said we were spending time with the family so it was worth not getting my socks done by my goal and finishing a few days later. 

I ended up finishing my sock on January 2.  The yarn is some my hubby got me and gave to me about a week or so before Christmas.  and here the are...

 Love that they turned out with similar striping!  I used a dark gray color for the heel and toe as I wanted my stripes to match and didn't know if I kept using the striped yarn if the stripes would continue the way I wanted through the foot!  I am supper happy with how they turned out and since my hubby bought me the yarn...I am keeping these for myself!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you all have a great weekend!
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