Thursday, October 4, 2012


If you are a follower of mine you know I have some back issues and arm issues.  For the most part I always have pain somewhere.

I normally try to get a check-up on my arm every few years.  The last time I had my arm checked was probably back in 2007 when they discovered my osteoporosis and arthritis.  After having some pain in my arm for quite some time I decided to have an x-ray again just to be sure.  My doctor here said that it seemed clear. I  also sent my images to  Dr. Supinski (he now practices in KY) who helped to originally diagnose my cancer and also did my arm surgery.  He called a few days ago and gave me the all clear.  No cancer.  Yeah.  Both doctors did say that there is now severe osteoporosis and arthritis but I pretty much new that.  Dr. Supinski did say though that because of all the osteoporosis and arthritis there may be a shoulder replacement in my future.  That was  a bit of a surprise because no one has ever mentioned that before.  I won't have to have anything for a while.  For now I will try to manage my pain with pain medicine.  But even if I have to have the replacement I can definitely deal with that.

Now there is no lingering question of if the cancer is back. Now I know when I have the pain it is the other stuff.  And like i said I can deal with those.  It may mean not crafting for a day or two or three...or taking some pain meds.  I am okay with that.  Just glad I got the all clear.  So I am now at almost 22 years of being cancer free.  YEAH!
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