Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Tragic Day...

Today I have been working and watching the news most of the day. Mainly because everything I am watching gets interrupted by updating news of the bombing in Boston.  Still so hard believe that something like this could happen.  Obviously even with all the security nothing is 100% full proof.  

I was amazed at all the good hearted samaritans that rushed back to site of the the explosion to help those in need. It just shows you that there is good in this world among the evil.  That good will outshine the evil that this coward(s) set upon the Boston area.  I just hope they find the responsible party and they are made to suffer the same as the innocent did yesterday.  

Okay...that was my two cents for how I am feeling.  I hope everyone is safe and enjoying their families.

Today, my thoughts and prayers are also with all the Virginia Tech families the are thinking of their loved ones and who lost loved one's on this tragic day 6 years ago.  We did not live here in hokie land when the massacre happened. but I still remember watching the news and hearing about it.  I still can't wrap my brain around those events either.  We now live here in Christiansburg less than 8 miles from Virginia Tech.  I am amazed at the strength and determination of the people at Virginia Tech.  IT was the worst tragedy they probably have ever endured, but yet they are strong and proud and moving forward from this senseless act.  
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