Sunday, August 19, 2012

August Vacation

Hello everyone!  Hope you all had a great weekend.  We had a pretty good weekend.  Very relaxing.  The girls were pretty tired out.  They have gotten their first week of school out of the way and I think it wore them out.  They were in bet early and woke up late.  Well later than usual...8 or so.  Not really sleeping in but at lease the the weren't up at the butt-crack of dawn.  HEHEH. 

I haven't done any crafting in the last week because my back and arm have been bothering me.  Darn herniated disc and broken arm!  Don't get me wrong I am not complaining.  I am grateful I haven't had to have back surgery yet.  I am also grateful that I have my arm and have the use of it.  Granted...the use is limited, but a long time ago I was told I would lose it due to the cancer so even though years later I broke it and now have limited mobility I am grateful that I have it.  It does however get sore and over the past few months it has been bothering me more that usual.  It is just something I live with.  I sleep with a pillow under my arm, I lean it on the sofa or  a pillow when sitting and try to avoid using it when I don't have to. is all good. 

But all that being said...I do have a layout to share...
My layout today is of me with my daughters last summer.  It is our annual trip to my hometown, Coudersport, Pa.  Usually this is the only time of year I get myself in pictures.  I am usually the one behind the camera.  I will say though that I am trying to make an effort to get myself in more of the pictures.  Not for me...I would be fine not being in any.  But more for the as they get older we have picture of me with them. 

When making this layout I started with the sketch from this week over at ScrapFit.   As you can see I ended up changing the size of the pictures...but it is where I started.  

Thanks for stopping by.  have a great night! 

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Leah said...

Kristin I love your layout, they are great photos. I am sorry to hear about your back and arm - I think you have every right to complain! Thanks for joining in at ScrapFIT.

Eileen said...

This is a lovely layout ... I really like how you've done your title + the journalling. The buttons and heart embellishments are really cute too! Thanks for sharing with us at ScrapFit!

Shannon said...

Beautiful layout Kristin! I love how heart felt it is and I love the way you used your embellishments! Thank you for participating wih us at ScrapFIT <3


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