Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Carli's 14th Birthday Celebration

Tonight we did a little birthday Celebration.  Our sweet daughter turns 14 next Wednesday,  September 12.  However as her dad and I were sitting at the table finishing our dinner he asked if I wanted to let her open her gifts.  So I ran down got her cake...came back and...called her out of her room.  
Me and Carli.  

 Carli...sick and tired of her Mama taking pictures.  I am sure she is thinking something much worse but I won't type what she is probably thinking. 

And here she is....with her favorite present and her cake.  Her dad and I hadn't gotten her a phone yet.  She really had no need.  Plus he and I never thought that there was a reason to have one sooner.  So...for her birthday this year she got her phone.  She really is pretty excited.  She played with it most of the night tonight and I am sure she will even more tomorrow.

I still can't believe my baby girl is going to be 14 next week.  I am so thankful she blessed my life she almost 14  years ago and everyday since then.

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Judy said...

Happy Birthday to your Carli. She's beautiful! My daughter turned 14 this past July. She got her first phone when she was 12. She has after-school activities almost every day so it was a necessity so we could all keep in touch. My son (17 now) got his when he was 14 because like your daughter, there really wasn't a need up until then. I bet she already has it loaded with all her friends' phone numbers!

nitestamper said...

Happy birthday, Carli!!!!
hope all ypour wishes came true!!!!!
tfs the yummy cake!!!!

Kelly Massman said...

Happy Birthday ( a little late)! :-)


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